Clint Jolly
Thinker, tinkerer, entrepreneur



Native of Reno, Nevada. Fueled by wanderlust and discovery.

Foodservice and kitchen veteran, casual content creator, efficiency and systems geek.


Clint, the chef

A list of awards, accolades and accomplishments could go here. But food isn’t about impressing people. It’s about connecting them and making memories. I started young, earned local respect, then went on to a national stage and then international. I’ve cooked in lots of places, lots of kitchens and for lots of people. The biggest joy I get from it is to see a group sharing food and smiling.

My style these days is all about comfort and respect to culture. If I have the choice for a meal I’m cooking meat on a real wood fire, usually with a Latin flair and some good red wine or mezcal.

Clint, the explorer

I started with road trips as a teen, then found work excuses to fly me around the country. A few trips to Mexico gave me the bug and in late 2017 I bought a one way ticket to Buenos Aires. 25 countries and 15 months later, I had done a pretty good job of filling my passport pages.

Along the way I wrote, cooked, made friends, maybe made a few enemies. Ultimately I found myself, or at least a part of it I hadn’t yet, through leaving everything but a backpack behind. Before you ask- yes it was fun, yes I will do it again, and no I’m not sure where to next.


Clint, the Creator

I needed a new place to put my creative mind to work. Since I was a kid, I enjoyed taking photos. Later, I enjoyed making videos. I got back into it as I traveled and have been putting it to work when I can.

I’ve also always enjoyed writing, so I do that as well. You can find my various scribbles on travel, marketing, food, etc. on my Medium page.

Want a free cookbook I wrote? Click here

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Exploring the world, the city or the block is my jam.

Watching culture manifest, churn and fade away is my muse.

I bring this all together in creating unique and memorable experiences through events, menus and education. Every meal tells a story!





I make a living by helping others make theirs. Consulting, mentoring, building in the foodservice and marketing worlds.

I snap photos and share a view of my life here.

Every now and again I make a video of my travels, thoughts or just goofy, random shit here.


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